One of the best things about DefiBay is the tokenomics. With a low tax, our future holders can easily secure new positions and dollar-cost average with low overhead stress.

keen eyes to spot treasures ahead

unfathomable unknowns

There is a tale of a treasure so immense that it couldn’t be counted or spent by 1000 people in their lifetime. A treasure as grand as the ocean.

In this trial you will be challenged and measured by your deeds. This is but the first part of our journey together. We explore these treasures untold. Who will be found true and who will walk the plank?

The bay will decide.

DefiBay (ETH): 0x24bd8f39d73435796e6e62be70916C79a21E12eb

rewards will flow


Keep An Eye Out

The marketplace is well underway. Each rendition will include rewards of some form or another. The details will be divulged in short time.


Every dApp Rewards

Every dApp we release will reward holders. That's just the way we roll.


Team Rewards

Join the telegram, voice chats, and other community activities for a chance to be rewarded with random drawings and competition payouts. There will be other opportunities to win big as the token reaches new heights!

Roadmap Overview

Q1 2023
List on CMC / CG, Hire Multiple Callers, Hit New ATHs, Release New Marketplace Beta, Accrue Funds for Development
Q2 2023
Second Round of Marketing, Explore Larger Listings, Run Promos on Twitter, Raids, and dApp Full Release
Q3 2023
Plan Next 2 Quarters, CEX/DEX Listings, Partnerships, Expand dApp, Rewards Systems, and more...